Cloud Kyle

This totally amazing cloud thing that is not sarcastic at all



Dokku is cool and it supports just about everything thanks to plugins and stuff. It's just like Heroku except you can SSH in as root and break everything.


Because I don't feel like paying for a heroku instance for every silly side project and I HATE SLOW SITES. I can host a bunch of stuff on one nice little VPS.


Just add a git remote and you can be pushing back and forth forever. Want to host something? Just ask me.

I make shit fast

LetsEncrypt, HTTP/2, PHP 7! It's all so good and new and shiny!! Plus I like to try and write code that doesn't renderblock 1MB of CSS that isn't ever used.

This is in all caps

But not actually. This purecss theme really likes text-transform:uppercase. Luckily, this cool font makes it sound cool and assertive in your head instead of like yelling.